Thursday 27 April 2017

Replacements for my Damaged COA from PCS Customer Service

Well.. PCS' Customer Service has been taking a bashing recently. Have to agree that most of the complaints are justified but a handful have been taking it a bit too far.

There is plenty of room for improvement, not only in terms of the way they do things, but also in the way they respond to complaints. However, PCS isn't a bad company. 
Yes, like a lot of companies, there will always be QC issues and for the most part, they have set it right. Even with the latest 1/3 ninjas, they are doing QC checks at their own office to rectify the amount of blood on the Ninjas' outfits.

In fact, just recently, PCS' Customer Service has helped with my own problem.. 

I have been quite critical about some of their policies, so it is only fair that I give credit where it's due..

Some months back, I was unboxing the Liu Kang EX Statue and didn't notice my kid deciding to take the COA and crushing it!

The Result..

I thought.. Screw it! That was my fault and it was quite some time after it was shipped to me so didn't think I could get a replacement. 

A couple of months later, I thought I might as well just give it a try and I offered to pay whatever it costs to get the replacement. 

Customer Service replied with a pleasant surprise and they asked for my address. No payment was asked and they sent over the replacements..

Brand new piece!

Well, thanks PCS! Appreciate the nice gesture!