Sunday 27 August 2017

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 23 Aug 2017

Plenty of updates this week.. but before we go into the details of the Live-Stream from episode #65, let's take a look at the huge patch update that came out last week for the console versions of Dead by Daylight..

Screenshots of the 1.06 Patch Notes..

Here's some of the more important ones that I feel..

-The 100% Bonus Bloodpoint Offering rewards for the Bloodfest event have been added to the game.(I personally have not seen these appear on my bloodweb. However, thanks to others who used it, I have gotten the bonus points from several trials).

- Matchmaking to ignore ranks after 90secs
(This is such a welcome addition, matchmaking has been so much better after this update. Though I still randomly get long waiting times.. but when I cancel and start the search again, it does get me into a lobby real fast.)

- Memento Moris to require survivors to be hooked before being able to kill them by hand.
(Aww man.. this really sucks for the killer. The Blood on your face trophy just got a lot more harder, not something I'm going to look forward to.)

- Killers now can see which hooks Survivors are being sacrificed on.
(Oh this is awesome! Hopefully this will encourage players to at least patrol camp rather than face camp)

Also included in this update was the Killer Victory Cube, which changes the way the Killer earns/loses pip points for ranking.

I felt this was a better way for the rank system. I have been ranking up way too easily in the previous system. Even in trials, where I only managed to sacrifice 1 survivor, I kept ranking up. From what I have played so far, this seems to be more fair.

On to the Live Stream updates..

Last week's Live Stream saw the developers explaining the Console certification process, which is if you didn't know.. different from the Steam process.. thus producing some delays and bugs in the new DLCs..

In a nutshell, unlike the Steam process where developers can push out patches as and when they like, the Console process needs to go through several steps of approval before it get's published for us to download. On top of that, they can't push another update in the meantime, which is why bugs like the 'hook lag' that is affecting us now, can't be fixed yet.

Firstly, I would like to thank the developers for taking the time to explain this process to us, so that we have a better picture of what's going on and why certain bugs aren't fixed yet. That actually explains a lot, not just for Dead by Daylight, but for a lot of other games where issues are not fixed as fast as we like.

That said.. I hope that they can better understand the process and hopefully we won't have these delays and issues in the future.

The Console Roadmap has been updated..

and this is the update for when the consoles stand in comparison to the PC version..

These are the issues & bugs that are being worked on..

Also mentioned that Customization DLC for consoles isn't a priority now because of the above issues. The team wants to get all the issues sorted out before they focus on the Customization DLC.. which is fair enough if you ask me.

Full Dev stream summary can be found here.

So what did you think of the new updates & changes? Come talk to me in the comments below!