Thursday 3 August 2017

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 02 Aug 2017

Dead by Daylight Console updates from last week's Episode #62 Live-stream!

Blood Feast will be up for this weekend (Aug 4-6)!

Blood Feast will be the first of their monthly challenges where it will be a 3x Blood Point Weekend for players on all Platforms (PC, PS4 and XBox One). Players on all platforms will come together to earn Blood Points for this challenge.

The amount of Blood Points needed to complete this challenge has yet to be specified but it is said to be a lot.. almost impossible in fact..

There will be a link on their website to track the progress of this challenge live.

And.. if we do complete the challenge..

Console players will receive the Anniversary Offerings (that are currently live on PC) for a month. I'm not 100% sure what these Anniversary Offerings are.. but the Dead by Daylight Wiki shows that these Offerings grant bonus 100% Blood Points. That is super cool!

The newest DLC, Lullaby for the Dark, has been released for PC but there's no news about when it is coming to consoles. 

Once again, this will be a free DLC and the developers are working hard on it to get it out for consoles as soon as possible.

This DLC will be added in Patch 1.6 and it was also said that Patch 1.6 is when the Console version will be on par with the PC version. That includes other updates like the Victory Cube.

Unfortunately, still no additional info on the Halloween DLC, but it was reiterated that it will be in August and as mentioned in my previous post that this will be a paid DLC.

Also, if you can't wait for the Lullaby of the Dark DLC, do check out some in-game footage below (10:30 - 28:30)

That's about all for this week.. We should get more info in tomorrow's Live-stream and possibly more details on the Blood Feast weekend.