Wednesday 23 August 2017

Storm Collectibles' 1/12 Klassic Scorpion Collection Pics

Ahh.. so you have seen all the upcoming 1/12 Mortal Kombat figures from Storm Collectibles? Cool stuff eh?

Now to show you pics of mine and share my thoughts on the figures..

My first.. Klassic Scorpion!

More pics below..

Let's start with the packaging..

Clear Plastic packaging on the front to give you a good view of the figure & accessories..  and nice art all around with a character description at the back.


Includes a small backdrop that you can use as a prop..

Used it in most of the photos below but I think I can do better. I was concentrating more on showing the figure's capabilities so I didn't use the backdrop as well as I should have.. Anyway hope you enjoy the pics..

Also comes with the MK1 mask.. 

Cool decision by Storm Collectibles to have included both masks.. and also a Skull Head for the fatality shots. So that's 3 portrait options!

Skull Head is sick!

Though I have plenty of action figures as well as 1/6 scale figures, this is my first 1/12 scale figure and I have to say.. I am pretty impressed with the articulation.

There's plenty of poses that I could pull off with this. For a figure based on a fighting game character, that is just perfect.. fighting poses, victory stances, everything is so easily done. The joints feel tight even though it's easy to move it around.

Sculpt-wise, it looks great. Face looks very detailed with the wrinkles and the eyes look great. There's been similar-scaled figures in the past where the face is just a blank expression which can be quite a turn-off. Though, it has to be noted, this one costs quite a bit more than the others I'm referring to.

While the paint app is generally very well done, it could have been better on certain parts of the clothing.

As mentioned, price is a bit more expensive than similar sized figures, however the quality is a lot better. Articulation is just amazing. It may not appeal to everyone because of the very visible joints but this is perfect for all kinds of fighting poses. 

The various accessories and switch-out hands just make this a joy for photos. With so many to choose from, I was tempted to get 2 pieces of this and can gladly admit that I have no regrets!

With several other characters announced and even more favourites previewed at SDCC 2017, it looks like it's going to be an amazing line-up. 

I have been disappointed several times with previous lines but this looks like it has a lot more potential.. Already drooling at the idea of having all these figures!

If you are looking to get one, why not get yours from Entertainment Earth!
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