Friday 28 July 2017

Dead by Daylight updates - 26 Jul 2017

With a new found love for Dead by Daylight, I'm gonna update the blog with the latest updates from the game..

As I'm playing on PS4, the updates will be for the Console version of the game..

The developers have a weekly livestream with all the updates but a lot of it is for the PC version so let me filter the console essentials for you..

In Episode #60, 2 weeks ago.. 

the new upcoming DLC chapter was revealed..

Lullaby for the Dark will come as a free DLC..

But before that.. the Console Version will be getting the Halloween DLC, which is scheduled for a August release. However, we don't have a confirmed date yet but this will get us closer to having the same content as the PC version.

As for other PC content that will be making its way to the console eventually..
-The Head Case Outfit Pack

- 1st year Anniversary Content
- Charity Case (not released on PC yet)
- Twitch Shirts (most probably upon approval)

Unfortunately for one reason or another, the following content will not be coming to consoles..
- PAX Exclusives
- Left Behind DLC 

Which means we won't get the outfits from this pack and more importantly.. no Bill Overbeck from Left 4 Dead as a playable character! 
However, Bill's perks will be available in the game as general Survivor perks

Other Console updates
- improving Frames per second for both consoles.
- looking into a platform to better provide console updates
- other bug fixes
-working to get the content on consoles to be as close as possible to the PC version.

And in Episode #61 last week,

- Survive with Friends fixes in the latest patch.
- Halloween DLC won't be free but no price announced yet. Release is confirmed to be in August.
- Victory Cube update will come to Console after the release of the Lullaby for the Dark DLC.

Looking forward to check out the new characters from the new DLC!

That's all from the past 2 weeks. Will update soon from this week's stream! Hopefully the info was useful to you guys on console!