Friday 20 April 2018

Looking Forward to: God of War

God of War, one of Playstation's biggest exclusives is back with a bang!

Have you seen the scores.. my god!

I was expecting it to be good, very good actually.. 

The God of War games have always been rated very highly but after all those years and the new direction it has taken, I was very surprised to see it get the kind of scores it did. So many 10/10s..

I'm not much for review scores but with these scores, you know this is really something special.

Game is definitely huge on plot and from what I have seen so far, it's giving me "The Last of Us" vibes. Which of course, is a very positive thing.

The father-son relationship is surely going to play on some of my heartstrings and I'm expecting some very emotional moments..

Atreus looks set to be, not only a very interesting emotional companion crucial to the plot, but also a very fun combat mechanic with him fighting alongside Kratos.

Speaking of combat.. Gone are the famous blades and in its place is a Leviathan Axe.

Looks really fun but time will tell if it is as iconic as the Blades..

Combat is still very intense, fast and brutal but also a bit more tactical, from what has been explained in the trailer below. Not so much of button-mashing like in the previous games.

Also gone is the Greek mythology, pretty much literally.. after Kratos raged through every god..

Now Kratos is in the Norse mythology, which is something I have been very intrigued about recently because of the Vikings TV show.

Quite excited to see all these creatures from the Norse Mythology come to life. The world looks so different but yet so fitting.

For a series I thought I was done with, after God of War 3, with all it's senseless killing.. I am really hyped for this. Very hyped.

Game's already out at the time of this post so looking forward to enjoying it and will post some early thoughts of the game in a few days. Remember guys, no spoilers!