Tuesday 10 April 2018

UbiCollectibles' Assassin's Creed Edward Kenway Bust Collection Pics

Another Bust to the already impressive Assassin's Creed Legacy Collection!

The famous Pirate Assassin, Edward Kenway himself!

You would probably have heard me say it a few times already now.. Edward Kenway is my favourite Assassin from the franchise.

So this was something I really had to have..

Just like the previous Busts, this comes in a window box.

However, this was the first Bust in the Legacy Collection to be called "Limited Edition" and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

8000 pieces isn't what I would call limited and there should be plenty to go around for anyone that wants one. Still, the CoA does make it look more special and I'm definitely going to put Edward Kenway in the middle. Not that I needed a reason...

Once again, brought to you by Pure Arts under the UbiCollectibles brand.

Enjoy the pics..

Love it! All the minor details like the pistols, skull buckle are all there. The realism of the eyes in these busts is something that has fascinated me as well.

Need to get a group pic of all the Busts sometime. Quite a collection already and I'll be looking forward to the next release in this line.

How are you guys feeling about this line so far? Any disappointments or are you excited to see more?