Wednesday 29 August 2018

God of War Novel & Audiobook released

One of the best games of 2018 is God of War, no doubt about that.. Even with the games coming out in the 2nd part of the year, I'm sure God of War will be up with the best when the GOTY awards come out.

So, it's great to see the guys at Sony Santa Monica Studio are not done with the game. Just last week, the New Game+ mode was released. I have been wanting to give the game another go on a higher difficulty, ever since I completed it so this will be a perfect excuse to do that.

However, with games like Spider-Man & Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing in the next months, this will have to wait..

While my game time might be limited, it looks like I can do some reading while travelling to and from work.

The game has been adapted into a novel and a audiobook, both of which are available right now.

The audiobook can actually be gotten for free, let me tell you how..

It actually costs US$9.95 on Amazon (£11.28 on Amazon UK) but listen up...

If you sign up for the free Audible Trial, you will receive the God of War audiobook for free!

The free Audible trial lasts for a month, after-which it costs US$14.95/month (£7.99/month. Psst.. just cancel the subscription once you get the audiobook.. )

Even if you have cancelled your subscription, you will still have access to the God of War audiobook anytime in your library.

Tried & tested! There's an app for Audible that you can download for your smart devices where you can listen to the book. Total length is 9 hrs 46 mins. 

What's more? You even receive 1 free credit to purchase yet another audiobook. There's tons to choose from.. Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Halo, Gears of War, previous God of War audiobooks just to name a few..

Here's a preview of the audiobook with none other than Mimir's voice actor, Alastair Duncan himself. 

Oh man, some of the best moments in the game was the interaction between Mimir, Kratos & Atreus aka Boy!

Good stuff.. it's technically free so I don't see any reason to not have this in my collection. I'll be sure to get it downloaded and start listening to it.. My main curiosity is to know how different it is from the game itself. 

Either way, it's free so just grab it!

Of course, if you prefer the actual novel itself, then that's available as well..

Should be a good read as well. Definitely something to read while I wait for a chance to play the game again!

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