Monday 13 August 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Trailer... and Pre-ordered!!

Woot! Woot! The first gameplay footage of Red Dead Redemption 2 is out in the new trailer and it looks soooo good!!

Oh and yea.. I finally pre-ordered the game!

I was definiteply getting RDR2 on Day 1 and of course it was going to be the Ultimate Edition but I was undecided if I should go digital or physical.

I have always been 'old-school' so physical discs are always my first choice. As much as the lure of playing immediately on digital is very tempting, I have always liked opening up the packaging and experiencing that 'new game' smell.

However, this time.. with the lack of a proper Collector's Edition and no US retailers shipping directly to Singapore, it was going to take a while before I get my copy of the game. (Yes I only buy US copies, long story for another day).

Plenty of cool extras in the Ultimate Edition and looking at past online experiences in GTA Online and the first RDR's online features, I'm definitely going to spend a good few months at least on this game's online mode. So I might as well get the extras.

I'm also not a Steelbook collector so I can pass on that and I can also live without the World Map.

To make things a bit sweeter, the Digital Pre-order comes with a digital treasure map. (I wonder how that's going to work..), some cash for RDR2's story mode and a cool 2 million GTA$.

And of course, getting to start playing the game as soon as it drops!

73 days to go! Still some way to go.. but there's also the Spider-Man game before that, so the wait won't be that painful..

Have you guys pre-ordered yours? Which version did you get and why? Tell me in the comments below!

Oh and of course, check out the trailer again even if you have watched it a dozen times!


Unsurprisingly, the game is selling out extremely fast even for standard copies. Get yours today from Amazon, so you can enjoy the game on Day 1!
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