Friday 10 August 2018

Join my Fantasy Football League!

Join my Fantasy Football League guys! Open to everyone!

Code to join this league: 1606813-364076
Fantasy Premier League Link

The first Gameweek starts later today so join quick so you can register your points!

I didn't really have a chance to mention this before but close friends will know that apart from gaming, Football is my other love.

Used to play Fifa and Football Manager games, but time doesn't permit as much nowadays.. but there's always time for Fantasy Leagues! Always a great and fun way to predict who's going to perform well and at the same time compete with your friends on who has the best teams.

Again, everyone is welcome and if you joined, do post below so I will know who you are. Do feel free to get your friends to join or invite me to your leagues as well!

My team is Jengo FC by the way!