Monday 3 December 2012

Deals at a Warehouse Sale

Went to a warehouse sale over the weekend with work colleagues, organised by one of the local distributors in Singapore. Our very own Black Friday sale or something like that. This is my haul..

Don't mind the weird collage pic, was trying something new on Instagram..

The Rage poster was free as well as the Bioshock 2 Special Edition, which was a free gift for spendings over SGD$100. Shared some purchases with a friend to reach that SGD$100.

Having pre-ordered most of the games that I like, I didn't really see anything to purchase at the sale even though some of deals were really worth it. So I only got these.. already have the GTA IV Complete Edition as well as Max Payne 3 on PS3 but I'm going to play these on PC with my work friends. First time in a long time I purchased games for the PC and as it is, I'm struggling to complete my PS3 games so I'm not sure what I'm trying to do here..haha!

The poster they were giving out was random (I got Rage, friend got Duke Nukem) so pretty wasted I didn't get a poster of one my favourite games.

Never played any of the BioShock games before so not too sure what to do with the Special Edition. It comes with a hardcover art book, soundtrack, the PS3 game and posters I think? So what do you think? Should I sell it and does anyone want to buy it off me or is this a game worth trying?