Monday 24 December 2012

Warehouse Sale again!

Epicsoft had their Warehouse sale again over the weekend! Oh god if they keep doing these, I'm gonna go broke. But who's gonna complain about good deals?

After my last visit to the warehouse sale only at the beginning of this month, I told myself I'll just go look this time.. but this post wouldn't have existed if I did just that.

So what did i get this time?
A Max Payne 3 Special Edition, already have it but I couldn't resist getting one more because of the awesome price. Also Dead Island GOTY, also a good price considering it comes with all the DLC. Last purchase was a Duracell USB Charger kit, good for charging all my controllers and headset at the same time.

Rage Comics (3 issues) and the Beaterator PSP game were won in a lucky dip! Pretty cool!

Was hoping to get Batman Arkham City for PS3 but they didn't have it.. Maybe during the next sale eh?

Oh I got 1 more thing that day but not from the sale.
Game Informer's November Issue with GTA V Cover. Awesome issue with tons of exclusive GTA V info. Special thanks to Abhinandhan who got this for me during his trip to Australia, thanks man!