Wednesday 26 December 2012

GTA 3 10th Anniversary Claude Figure

Wanted it badly and got it for myself as a Christmas Present!
GTA 3 Claude Action Figure

Figurine of Claude from GTA 3! This is in 1:6 scale so it's pretty big!

I have mixed feelings about this though.. Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic figure and I really like it but I will get to why I'm not happy about it later.. For now let's marvel at this.

The box itself, nice gloss and artwork..
Claude in his Bomber Jacket and Cargo Pants
Claude in the Alternative Outfit, Liberty City Prison Outfit with the SMG
Full range of weapons and accessories

No shortage of guns here, maybe a shotgun and rocket launcher added to the mix would have been great but don't really have any complaints as there are more than enough accessories to choose from. Glad they included the baseball bat as to me, it's an iconic weapon in the GTA games.

Also comes with an additional set of hands..
2 clenched fists if you prefer those, always good options for different poses.

The stand to hold the figure in place
Very common to see this in figures like these but I don't like it. Prefer to pose the figure on it's own, gives it more realism I feel but options are always great!

A fantastic figure with great detail. Have plenty points of articulation to pose Claude in iconic poses. A great selection of guns & weapons that you can choose from gives me a headache. Add to the fact, there are two outfits! I'm thinking of getting another one of this just to display Claude in both his outfits! :D

While I'm very impressed with this figure and have no regrets getting it, the news or rather the lack of news that a Tommy Vercetti figure will be made. This Claude figure was released as part of the GTA 10th Anniversary Collection and with the Vice City 10th Anniversary fast approaching at this point of time, I badly  wanted to get this figure and subsequently a Tommy figure, which I expected to be announced. So strongly believed that Tommy will be made that I was already day-dreaming how my shelf was gonna look with Claude and Tommy side by side. Damn, no news is giving me depression, so disappointing!

Anyway, I can't believe I passed on this when it was first announced about a year ago I believe. While I love the GTA series to bits, I didn't play GTA 3 because it was released before I got into gaming. Maybe that's why I couldn't connect with this figure at first. I watched all the cut-scenes on a fan website though some time back. (Damn, I forgot the link to it!!) Somehow I saw this figure again and had a strong urge to get it. Really really love it!

More pics below in various poses for your viewing pleasure, Chiku Chiku Enjoy!

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More pics as always in the slideshow below..