Monday 24 December 2012

J Veron's World Updates - 23 December 2012

So we are still here.. The world didn't end.. Maybe some Mayans were bored and decided to troll us just for the fun of it.. Who the fuck knows?

Been playing AC3 over the weekend. One complaint I have is that the voice-acting doesn't sound convincing enough. The English dialogues were good but the Native Indian dialogues seemed very fake. I haven't really heard much Native American talk.. But it seems very emotionless to me.

Anyway, I thought of doing a feature on my blog on the following:
Top 5 Games of 2012 I played
Top 5 Collectibles of 2012 I bought
Top 5 things I want to see in 2013

Will be writing these features up in the next few days.. so stay tuned, friends!