Monday 9 June 2014

AC Unity Figurine and Wrist Blade Revealed?

Just a couple more days for the big reveal of Assassin's Creed Unity at E3 2014 and the merch have started popping up.. Or at least I think they are?

This could very well be the AC Unity's figurine from UbiCollectibles..

That's without a doubt the same Assassin that we have seen in the official teasers.

Whether it will be a stand-alone figure from UbiCollectibles or part of the Collector's Edition remains to be seen. Some collectors are already predicting that it looks like it's part of a diorama similar to the Kenway-BlackBeard diorama from AC IV.

Or perhaps a huge diorama featuring 4 characters?

This banner from E3 shows 4 characters, further strengthening my predictions that AC Unity will feature several Assassins working together..

Pic from Major Assassin's Creed Fans
Let's see in a couple of days..

And is this McFarlane Toys' replica of the new Assassin Gauntlet?

It very well might be too, considering these could be official announcements made during E3 just after the official reveal..

Assassin's Creed Collectors, it's time to save..