Thursday 26 June 2014

E3 2014 for me

So E3 2014 came and went..

What did you all think of it? Great? Not too bad? Poor?

Well here's what E3 2014 excited me with..

The Order: 1886

Well, in terms of before-E3 and after-E3 interest levels, this game jumped the most. The first time I saw this game was at last year's E3. The second time.. This Year's E3.. That's how much interest I had in this.

But, the gameplay and the setting showed to us, has me very interested in this game. Gameplay reminded me a little of The Last of Us where you are not an over-powering hero, but at times, and have to run away from your enemies at times.

The game will not feature open-world and instead, focus on a linear, story-driven style. I think that's great! I enjoy lots of open-world games but I think it's getting tiring where the story loses it's pace because I need to find a feather, or there is some mission that needs to be completed. It's been a while since I played a good, solid linear game, so hopefully this will be one to change that.

Some of the gameplay showed during E3 however, seems to be a bit boring so hoping to see that change, in the months leading up to it's release. Always great to see some new IPs!

Oh and the Collectors' Editions! Those look nice too..


This game seems to be the best of E3 this year, according to several gaming sites and rightfully so.

A new Monster was revealed at E3, the Kraken!

That was Boss at 00:52 when the Kraken opens it's second pair of eyes!!

Not really feeling the new character classes yet, but that's understandable coz I had first-hand experience with the original character classes.

I have great hopes for this game, but the release date has me a little worried.

Assassin's Creed Unity

Just one week after Evolve releases, comes a Blockbuster hit; AC Unity. 

The co-op gameplay that will be a important feature in this game, is everything that I have wanted in a Assassin's Creed game. I have been saying it for quite a while now - that there will be co-op in a future AC game, and it's finally here. 

Not just co-op, this current-gen (Oops I finally stopped using next-gen) game looks visually stunning, and the present-day story still poses plenty of questions.

Far Cry 4

I have never played a Far Cry game yet, but my friend, Rishi has been telling me how awesome Far Cry 3 is... so I did finally get the game. Haven't gotten to playing it but after watching that super-awesome gameplay of a fort being taken down by elephants (.. and you), Far Cry 3 just went high up my must-play list.

Time is running short though... this one releases in November this year..

Besides. who doesn't like men in Pink Suits? :P

Dead Island 2

Oh yea.. Dead Island 2! Enjoyed the first game but due to my first PS3 crashing, never managed to complete it. 

This was a surprise.. I never saw any clue or hint that this game will be announced at E3, so when they rolled this trailer.. it was a real surprise. As the trailer played, I was like .. "Is this Dead Island 2? Is it.. Is it? Yea, it has to be.. Oh yea, it is!!!". 

And this is what E3 is all about, getting the surprises live during the Press Conferences itself.. Awesome!

Mortal Kombat X

Unlike Dead Island 2, Mortal Kombat X was teased almost a month ago.. and a slow build-up led to an announcement the week before E3.

But there were still surprises.. we got our first look at several new characters for the Franchise, including Cassie Cage! Johnny Cage's and Sonya Blade's Daughter! That was a big lol!

Kotal Kahn looks to be a beast..

Still no idea if he is related to Shao Kahn.. but his look is my favourite of the 4 characters at the moment.

Game looks as brutal as it has ever been, real solid, fluid system. The 3 fighting style options will be interesting.. Can't wait to see the rest of the roster and the Fatalities! 

inFamous First Light

First Light, Second Son? All these is making me ask questions but I have yet to play this so I only briefly watched the trailer, in case of spoilers. Great to see this and hopefully, it will expand on the lore of the game.

Where are they?

Not so much of a prediction.. but personally, I was hoping to see these games in some form.. Whether it was a teaser or announcement. But unfortunately, not even a whisper of these was heard..

AC Comet - This was surprisingly non-existent at E3.
Prince of Persia - Another year without the prince :(
God of War 4 - Apparently, the leak was false..
Bully 2 
Grand Theft Auto (PS Vita Game)
Army of Two

Nothing! Just nothing!

Disappointing.. but there's still plenty to look out for in the next year. What about you guys? What games are you excited for, from E3 2014?