Monday 30 June 2014

Room's in a mess... Stuff's everywhere... But..

Ok, I just recently moved into my new house.. We will be converting 1 of the rooms into a study/work/gaming room. There's still plenty of unpacking to do and we need more shelves to store a lot of the stuff, so the room's in an absolute mess now. 

The other rooms are mostly neat and 90% ready, so a lot of the unpacked stuff are being dumped into this room for now.

Kinda sucks but as a family man, gaming has to be a much lesser priority now..

That said.. while the room isn't tidy, there's still space to set up my PS3 and TV!

Room's in a total mess but there's always a way to get your gaming fix!

Hopefully I can get in some cabinets and shelves to store away all the junk and I will have a much neater gaming room soon.

Oh and do you see something in that pic.. Will try to get some unboxed pics of that in the next few days..