Tuesday 10 June 2014

More AC Unity CE's!

Found more pics of AC Unity CEs!

I have to emphasize that although these seem legit, I haven't seen any official announcement yet.

The Guillotine Collector's Case..

Possibly the Crème de la crème of the AC Unity Collector's Editions.. Has almost everything a Collector needs. Figurine here is different from the US CE and the UbiCollectibles one, so that's 3 different Arno Figurines, similar to what we got for last year's AC IV.

Surprisingly no DLC included here, which makes me wonder..

and The Bastille Edition..

I call this the CE for 'weaklings' but the Jumbo Steel Case and quite certainly, the many little Preorder bonuses that will come exclusively to this Edition will make this a good sell. Marketing for the win!

Comes with a couple of DLC as well..

Will these be official and/or will there be more? Stay tuned..

Edit: All seem to be official and 2 more Editions found..

The Notre Dame Edition

The "in-between-edition" that has the same figurine as the one from the US Edition and other stuff.

Special Edition

Just the standard "Preorder-to-get-free-DLC" Edition.