Wednesday 25 March 2015

Gaming Heads' God of War Kratos on Throne statue

With the announcement of God of War 3 being remastered for the PS4, there was no better timing for new statues to be announced!

Gaming Heads will be releasing 2 versions of a Kratos on Throne 1/4 scale statue.

Regular Version

At 1/4 scale, the bottom to the top of the throne will measure 29 inches tall! That's huge!
Regular version will be limited to 1,250 pcs and will cost USD$479.99

Exclusive Version

The exclusive is fabulous! Kratos in Ares Armour looks stunning! Looks so freaking badass!
At just USD$20 more, the exclusive will be sold only at USD$499.99 at Gaming Heads' website. This will be limited to 500 pcs only.

I'm having a dilemma on which to get. Apart from being the exclusive, the Ares Armour version definitely looks a lot more badass.
But the Regular is more game-accurate as the cutscene shows Kratos without the armour. If this is available locally, the price difference will also be huge factor. The exclusive will mean having to pay shipping plus taxes on top of the statue's cost while the regular might save me over a SGD$100, unlike US Citizens who might just need to top up an extra USD$20.

Sucks but I might be forced to go for the regular. Not that bad of a deal, considering how awesome it looks and if I'm getting the rest of the Kratos statues from Gaming Heads, it will make for a better display..

Plenty of God of War news around.. Still waiting for the most important of them all.. You know what it is..


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God of War Kratos 1:4 Scale Statue