Monday 2 March 2015

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

Another game gets the remaster treatment! 

PayDay 2 will come to the PS4 and XBox One in June 2015! 

I'm honestly getting a little tired of the Remastered games but when you hear what the Crimewave Edition has for you, it sounds pretty convincing.

The Crimewave Edition will feature new technical updates like improved framerate, 1080P Resolution and improved texture quality.

In terms of content, it satisfies the only grief that I had with the game.. While the console versions have come out with a couple of extra content to add on to the game, it pales in comparison to the PC version where over 20 pieces of DLC have come out for the game, to date.

However, Crimewave Edition includes all of these DLC that were thus far, exclusive to the PC. (Just missing a handful, some of which released just a few days ago. Come on Overkill, release them too!). 

So yea! All free! That's hours and hours more of additional content which are absolutely free!

Definitely worth the purchase, but it's a kind of game that you would really enjoy with friends and again, I will need friends to play with, if I'm getting this game. So, I'm a little hesitant on getting this. I had the game on the PS3 but it released just before GTA V came out, and once that came out, I didn't have time for PayDay 2 anymore. Just seems like it's happening again..

Don't let that discourage you though.. the edition is packed with content.. Check out the trailer to hype you up!

For more info on the content that will be included in the Crimewave Edition & why the DLCs weren't included in consoles in the first place, check out the source link below..