Sunday 1 March 2015

Mortal Kombat X Story Trailer

Have you watched it? All kinds of awesomeness!!

So, what do you think? There's too many characters in there for me to go through one-by-one so I'll let this pic do the talking.

All credit goes to the uploader. No idea who did up this image but it's all over the forums. So, not even sure if it's 100% accurate but certainly looks like it and I'll use that as reference.

Cassie Cage - Looks like Johnny & Cage's daughter is the leader of the Special Forces or at least self-proclaims herself as the leader, as seen in the traile.. a huge difference from the arrogant & immature portrayal in the comics.

Takeda, from the comics, makes it to the game. After the events of the first issue, we haven't seen Takeda since, but here he is.. joining EarthRealm's fighters.

Jacqueline Briggs - Another character introduced in the comics, daughter of Jax, joins them.

Kung Jin - Descendant of Kung Lao, definitely the most interesting looking of the 4 EarthRealm fighters. Hasn't been introduced in the comics, so maybe soon?

Mileena - Increasingly likely that Mileena will be the Big Boss of Mortal Kombat X, probably with more powers than usual, with the help of Shinnok's Amulet?

Shinnok - Not the best way to see him, getting defeated by Raiden, and the amulet that Mileena is holding, looks like his. Not sure if he will be a Playable fighter..

Li Mei? - Not sure who she is at the moment.

Undead Sindel - Why is she in this form?

Undead Mileena/Kitana - Her outfit's purplish so it should be Mileena but it could be Kitana or maybe even Jade. If not for the colour, I would think it's Jade since she's confirmed to be dead. The Undead seem to be fighting against the Special Forces so could have been resurrected by Mileena since she has Shinnok's amulet.

Rain - Nice catch, I missed Rain in the trailer. He will be allied with Mileena, as shown in the comics.

Tarkatan - Unclear if this is Baraka or just a regular goon. Would be weird to see the Tarkatans without their general.. but considering Mileena is half-Tarkatan.. She might be their leader.

Erron Black - He's in the game! Wasn't sure if he's going to make it after seeing him in the comics but it's clear that he will bolster Kotal's squad.

Reptile - Looking even more badass in his unmasked Alternate. I'm liking the unmasked Reptile a lot better, than the bird mask. Allies with Kotal.

Raiden - Ever present in the MK Universe. Was already confirmed to be part of the roster. Looks like an old-school outfit in this alternate.

Sub-Zero - The teasing with Sub-Zero doesn't seem to stop. The cut on his face is probably the one we saw in the comics where Kano cut his face with the Kamidogu. White eyes.. so he's a spectre like Scorpion now? Resurrected by Quan Chi too? So Bi Han or Kuai Liang??

Scorpion - Didn't realise this was Scorpion when I first watched the trailer. Looks like we will see the famous duo unmasked with a human element to them. But why is he fighting Takeda?

Ermac Alternate - A bit more similar to his original MK9 look, except with the wraps uncovered. Another badass!

Alright that's a good cast! But we are missing all the current gen EarthRealm heroes and several other major characters..

Quan Chi, Noob Saibot, Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke, Kabal, Shang Tsung and even characters from the comic like Reiko and Fujin are missing.

And no Goro.. Like I mentioned before, I strongly think he's dead, judging on where we are with him in the comics. No Shokans like Kintaro or Sheeva either.

I have a theory for the missing characters.. 

Remember MK9 where they split the story in 3 parts where they retold the first 3 MK Games?

I have a feeling it's going to be the same in MKX.

In the comics, we see the events as it happens after the Netherealm Invasion.. I believe what we see in the comics is technically the middle part of the MKX story. Spanning over 25 years, the end of the 25 years is probably what we are seeing in the trailer. The battle between Kotal Kahn & Mileena

Everything in the comics is a build-up to the last 'chapter' in MK's story mode. Where the Special Forces will team up with Kotal to take down Mileena and her rebels.

So, what's the middle 'chapter' about? This is the part I'm not too sure about. I believe this is the part about the Kamidogu. I can't link the Kamidogu to either the Mileena-Kotal war and it's happening after the Netherealm Invasion. So, the Kamidogu story could be in the middle.

So who or what is this demon Raiden warning about in the comics, regarding the Kamidogu. It could be someone else we haven't seen. I'm inclined to think Kotal Kahn. It would be crazy to think the current Outworld Emperor not being given a Boss role.

My theory.. Kotal is posessed by the demon, after using Blood Magic. He's defeated, releasing the demon. But since the reason why he resorted to using the Kamidogu was Mileena herself.. so Mileena becomes the Final Boss.

So, the first 'chapter' will be the Netherealm Invasion with several of the Earthrealm fighters in that battle. Everyone's waiting for the Quan Chi & Shinnok-led Invasion so I don't think they will leave that out.

So, in summary..

Chapter 1: Netherealm Invasion (Boss: Shinnok)
Chapter 2: Kamidogu (Boss: Possessed Kotal Kahn)
Chapter 3: Kotal Kahn-Mileena War (Boss: Mileena)

Been thinking about this over the past few days since the trailer was out, and this is what I think is going to be happen. I'm pretty confident about the first and last part.. it's just the middle part I'm not too sure about. 

So.. what do you guys think about my theory? Possible? Totally Bull-Crap Shit?! Let me know in the comments below.