Wednesday 4 March 2015

Helldivers coming to Playstation 4, 3 & Vita

That PSN-exclusive Top-down, Starship Troopers-looking shooter game is finally releasing this week.

Those who have tried this game have commented that it's incredibly tough but addictive. I love top down shooters and have been looking forward to it ever since I saw it at E3, like 2 years ago? Or was it last year? Can't remember..

Anyway, there hasn't been a lot of hype for this recently but a lot of people liked it, when they tried the game.

Check out IGN's video to see what the game is all about?

If you prefer reading, check out Playstation Asia Blog's article on the game.

Being a PSN-exclusive title, this game also offers the 

Cross-Buy - Eg: Buy on PS4's Store and get it for your PS3 and PS Vita as well for free.

Cross-Play - Eg: Play on the PS4 with your friends who are on PS3 and PS Vita.

Cross-Save - Eg: Save your game on the PS4 and then continue on the Vita.

Amazing stuff! That gives me the opportunity to play with your friends who haven't gotten a PS4 yet. Or if I'm away from home, I can continue playing on the PS Vita. 1 more useful point for the Vita!

So how much will it cost?

Prices for the different regions: USD$19.99/SGD$23.20/€20.99/£16.99

However for PS Plus Suscribers, if you purchase Helldivers on launch week, you will get a discount, varying on the region: USD$17.99/SGD???/€16.79/£13.59

And if you purchase it, during the Spring Fever Promotion (till 27-28Apr for NA & Asia, doesn't say for UK & EU), you will be upgraded to the Helldivers Limited Edition Bundle at no extra cost..

Which means you get the Ranger Pack for free..
The Ranger Pack includes the Ranger Uniform, an LHO-63 Camper rifle, and a Humblebee Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Stratagem.

Actually, I'll buy this week to get the additional Ranger Pack and the Playstation Plus discount.

So, who wants to join me? From the looks of it, it's going to be incredibly tough so I will need all the help I can get. PSN: Jengoboy.. add me up folks!