Monday 27 April 2015

Mezco's Mortal Kombat X Series 1 Figure Variants

We have already seen the Series 1 figures previewed at NYCC 2014, but now Mezco will be doing variants of those 3 characters; Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden.

A Scorpion Bloody Variant, Sub-Zero Ice Variant & a Raiden Displacer variant. What do you guys think? 

Not too bad I feel, at least they are better than the colour variants I was expecting them to make in this post

My friend at Gamers n' Collectors is also asking if there's any interest in these figures as well as the standard Series 1 & 2 figures they have previewed. He will be able to bring these in for Singapore collectors at SGD$35-$38 if anyone wants them.

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