Tuesday 14 April 2015

Mortal Kombat X has Microtransactions thats just humiliating!

A Low-Blow lower than Johnny Cage's.. A move that will even put Evolve's Day 1 DLC to shame..

Mortal Kombat X has some microtransactions up on the PSN Store & XBox (I believe..)

Pay for Easy Fatalities!!! 

What??!!! Who even approved this?? I would think that after the criticism 2K got for the Evolve Day 1 skins DLC, people would have known better.. Apparently not! This is the kind of things that attracts unnecessary criticism of a good game. Games get criticised for their DLC, and the core game's positives get ignored..

And that's just half of it.. The Easy Fatalities are limited use. So you pay $1 to do 5 Easy Fatalities and then when you run out of them, you gotta buy more..

Man, this is absurd! 

I know that some fatalities are a bit harder to pull off than others.. but that's the beauty of it. When you pull them off, it's so satisfying.. It's a bit of showboating when you beat your online opponents.. Humiliating them with a fatality to finish off the match..

But if you actually paid for these, I dunno which is more humiliating!

So.. instead of the good old-fashioned way of practising & memorising  your combos, you get this. So, let me guess? I just press xxx to do a Fatality? 

Did a bit of Internet search and apparently, these Easy Fatalities can be unlocked via in-game koins, so why would you pay for these I dunno..

Man, my balls hurt with this low-blow...