Saturday 4 April 2015

GTA Online - Heisting & a real funny incident!

Fully immersed in GTA Online once again!

Its reminded me a lot of what I hate about GTA Online but at the same time, I'm having fun with the Heists.

The loading times are terrible! While trying not to exaggerate, I actually am rather convinced my 'play time' and 'waiting times' are split 50-50. In fact, I'm typing this out as I'm waiting for a match to load. I would have made a lot more progress on this game if only the loading times were better. I'm hoping the loading is better on the PS4, that would give me a lot more incentive to hop over.

But the Heists are great! If you can find a group of friends that is.. Most of the heists can still be completed with randoms, since it's been a while and most players would already have been familiar with the missions. But there are still some missions which would definitely need coordination.

Thanks to fellow Temasek Thugs crew members, we have been heisting on most weeknights.

The Prison Break job was finally completed after a bunch of glitches and fail attempts. Was given the Demolitions role so I had access to a Buzzard attack chopper, to protect another member who was flying the escape plane, from military jets.

All this while, the other 2 members were breaking out a certain Rashkovsky from a prison.

So far, the Humane Labs Raid is one of the best Heists (Haven't tried the last one).

The Setup missions are epic on their own. First mission involved a deal; meetup at a location and exchange the goods. As usual, all hell breaks loose, the cops come swarming, and we had to fight them off.

2nd mission. we had to steal an Insurgent.

Probably one of the best vehicles added in the Heists update, comes with a mounted gun, to just blow things apart. Immediately knew this will be a fun weapon ride to have in freeroam..

At the end, the cutscene played and apparently we only needed the Insurgent without the gun for the actual Heist. Not that we had a choice though.. we need the gun to take out the mini-army they sent after us..

Forget stealing cars for setup missions.. How about stealing a Jet off an aircraft carrier? That was exactly what we did for the 3rd mission.

4th mission, we needed to acquire air support, the Valkyrie. Armed with an anti-aircraft gun for the co-pilot and 2 mini-guns on the sides, this is Heists' best vehicle.

We invaded a warehouse and took away with the Valkyrie, took down whatever air units they threw at us. The Valkyrie, no doubt, has plenty of firepower on-board but again plenty of coordination needed to face it in the right direction so your team members have a good aim at the approaching choppers. Something I didn't do right at the first round & the rest voted me out as pilot... (Haha!)

5th and final setup mission was the most frustrating until you are familiar with it. We had to invade the Humane Labs silently. All guards & scientists had to be taken out quietly or the mission would fail. Needed a few tries before we knew the positioning and sequence to take out the guards.

Finally got it done & all ready for the Heist!

Split into 2 teams; One team had to parachute in, make their way through the guards, collect the data and swim out underground onto the beach. The other team had to provide air support outside.

Had the chance to play on both teams and they were equally exciting.

The finale involved the ground team shooting a flare into the sky and pinpoint their location for the chopper to land. (Small detail that makes the heist just a little more epic). Heist completes, cutscene rolls and ends with us walking away with the chopper exploding in the background.

Absolutely epic stuff!

Just a couple of pics via my Snapmatic..

One of several new T-Shirts from the Heists update... this one was far for being the Heist Leader 25 times..

My Armoured Kuruma.. another new addition to GTA Online. This featured in the Flecca Job heist. Been a favourite of mine since getting it, the armour has been extremely useful in most of the missions. Definitely a good investment!

Ok.. this is 1 funny story..

Met this guy, Alain after he joined the crew, so we have been playing lots together. After we both got the Armoured Kuruma, he wanted to go for the Insurgent with the mounted gun. Alright, so he was saving up for it.. finally got it and when I got online, he told me about his new purchase. 

Cool! But he sold away his Kuruma so he didn't have a car. No problem, what are friends for eh? I let him make the call to Pegasus and he got into my car. He set the location on where his new Insurgent is, and I drove him there. 

So, we turned into this carpark and all we saw was this buggy at the location..

Me: Bro, where's your Insurgent?
Alain: I dunno ah, the map showed here..
Me: Nothing here what? Only this vehicle..
Alain: *Confused* Thats why..
Me: Don't tell me this is your Insurgent..
Alain: Hahaha no la!
Me: You paid 1.3mill for this?!!!
Alain: Haha fuck you la bro!
Me: *Getting on the buggy* Bro! Not bad but where's the turret?! Let's go create havoc with your "Insurgent"! Go! Go! Go!
Alain: Fuck you!!!!
Me: *topples over* I think you got cheated of your 1.3mill...

Nice stuff Alain! But seriously.. not sure it was a glitch or if he was drunk hahaha! Kidding bro! Never had this much laughs in a long time!

I'll update with more heists and maybe more funny stuff the next time round.. My match just finished loading...