Monday 27 April 2015

Mortal Kombat X Coarse Kollector's Edition pics

Coarse Kollector's Edition!

Done by Coarse, who seem to be entering the Video Game market.. The only other figure that I'm aware of them doing was the Assassin's Creed Ezio figure..

Opening up the Collector's Edition..

X for Mortal Kombat X!!

Game disc..

DLC vouchers..

So what's so special about this Coarse Edition?

The Designer Scorpion Figurine that they created for this special CE..

COA of sorts..

A look at all the contents..

A decent CE to be honest. Nothing to be overly excited about. 

I was in 2 minds about this right up to the end. I'm not really a fan of this kinda artistic figures in my collection. Yes, I can appreciate the art of it, but feel it doesn't go with the rest of my collection.

I think the deciding factor was the inclusion of the Gold Scorpion skin in the game. At least that gives some kind of connection between the figure and the game. 

My heart definitely won the battle over the brain this time round. (How often has this happened!)

Also because it's Scorpion. Might have let my brain win it, if it was some other character..

The CE also lacks any other physical content.. No Soundtrack CD, no Artbook, no Steelbook.. nothing. Just the figure and game. 

However, a real big bonus was the inclusion of MK X's "Season Pass", the Kombat Pack. I believe this is the first ever time, I have had the "Season Pass" included in a CE. Real big bonus for me. 

Considering I almost always buy a game's Season Pass, there wasn't any doubt I was going to buy it for MK X. Great that it came along with the Coarse Edition.

Definitely not a CE for everyone, but if you think you can appreciate the figurine, go ahead and get it. If not, just skip this..