Thursday 18 June 2015

And... I bought it.. PayDay 2 on PC!

PC or PS4, PC or PS4.. that was the question running in my head for the past few months...

Ever since PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition was announced for the PS4, it re-kindled my interest in this game. And I have been trying to find some friends who would join me on the PS4.

So, how many friends have I found? A big fat 0..

Everyone seemed to have it on PC though, but they weren't too active either. So, it was a dilemma.

But with the Steam Sale today and some convincing by very own brother, who recently got back onto this game with my convicing, I bought the PayDay 2 GOTY Edition on PC for a total of SGD$12.25!

What a steal! But that's only half the DLC available on Steam. Might get the rest if I'm regularly playing this.

So now, to test if this works on my PC or else I have to go ahead with my plans on getting a new PC.. Can't wait for Pay Day!! No, not the game but my actual pay day..

The Steam Sale is still running for another few hours or so, if anyone wants to get this..