Wednesday 24 June 2015

Evolve's Hunting Season (2) Pass released!

And yes.. The teased Season 2 pass has been announced with 1 new Monster, 4 new Hunters and 5 exclusive skins (1 each for every new playable character).

Here's a video teaser..

The contents of the Season 2 Pass will be released periodically up till Mar 31, 2016, starting from today. Our first hunter, Lennox the Assault is available today with a free Victory skin for Season 2 Pass owners..

Here's a first look at Lennox's gameplay..

Probably gaming's most badass granny eh? A mechsuit with melee abilities? Cool? Not sure how useful it will be against Wraiths and Krakens but might be useful against those pesky wildlife.

Lennox will be priced at US$4.99 alone or 
comes with a free Victory skin in the Season 2 Pass for US$24.99.

PC Monster Race Edition owners will be getting the Season 2 Pass free!

Everyone who has purchased the 1st Hunting Season Pass will be getting the Artic skins from the Evolve Hunters' Quest challenges for free as well!

Updated my Evolve Skins Checklist with all the new skins.

So, what do you guys think? Getting the 2nd Season Pass?

I still love this game.. a lot. But the community seems to be dying and I have been trying hard to find a few friends to play with but not very successful. It's still great fun to play along as a monster though. The Arena Challenge mode has brought something refreshing to the game.

Looking forward to trying out the new Hunters and of course, the Spider-like Monster? Will it have traps like rumoured? Hopefully so.. Don't think I want to go head on with Mech-Granny!

US$24.99 is actually a very fair price for the content to be honest. For the amount of play-time you can get from each of the 5 characters, it's more worth it than skins for sure.

A bit strapped for cash at the moment so I might not be getting the Season 2 pass just yet.. but definitely in the future.

Source: Evolve Official Site