Monday 15 June 2015

E3 2015 - Bethesda Press Conference

Back from my short trip across the Causeway (Singapore to JB), just in time for E3 2015! Still on leave so I can watch all the Press Conferences live!

Starting off E3 2015 was Bethesda this morning. I'm not a big fan of their games to be honest. They make some amazing games but just not my type.

This was the first time Bethesda is holding a Press Conference at E3 and they had some some big games to show; Fallout 4, Doom, Elder Scrolls and a leaked Dishonoured 2 announcement.


I have never played any of the Doom games but I wanted to check out what was new in this game.

Initially, it looked rather generic but towards the end, it showed off some cool stuff, especially the melee finishers. Cool looking monsters too!

Check out the E3 Gameplay footage below..

Still nothing that made me go WOW.. or anything that makes me want to get this. Wanna see more of this before I decide.

Slated for a Spring 2016 (2nd Quarter) release for PS4, XBox One & PC.

Elder Scrolls

A franchise I know nothing about, so I'll just share the vids..

New changes coming to Elder Scrolls Online..

There's also a Strategy Card game coming for the Elder Scrolls Franchise; The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Here's a teaser trailer..


Ah yes, probably the only game that I was looking forward to in the Bethesda Showcase.. I think it was supposed to be a surprise but it was accidentally leaked out 1 or 2 days back. 

Always sucks when surprise announcements at E3 gets leaked. It just ruins the entire experience for me. As a live viewer of the E3 Press Conferences every year, I tend to rate each E3 based on the surprise announcements they actually manage to keep until the actual show.

They can hype up the event as much as they want.. "Oh we are going to have this and that game at E3, gamers should be excited" but I think you guys will agree with me when I say the real excitement is when there is a reveal or announcement that you hear for the very first time at the live conferences. Nothing beats that and that's what makes me stay up in the crazy hours just to watch everything live.

Anyway.. Yes Dishonoured 2 was announced!

Been wanting to play the first game after all the good stuff I heard about it. Got it free from the PS Plus but still have yet to touch it.

Here's the reveal trailer..

I think I'm missing some of the hints from the trailer since I haven't played the first but it looks cool! You will be able to play as the new female character from the trailer or the guy from the first game. (Sorry didn't catch their names!)

No release date yet but it will be coming to PC, PS4 and XBox One.

There was also the announcement of the Definitive Edition for the first game which will be released on 25 Aug 2015 for the PS4 and XBox One.. Hmm should I get the PS4 edition or just play it for free on the PS3?


Had to drop off my kid at school so I missed this announcement.. But here's the trailer!


Of course, the big one was Fallout 4! Huge fanbase for this and yet again I have never played these..

Plenty of gameplay shown at their press conference..

They also revealed a Collector's Edition called the Pip-Boy Edition!

Hardcore Fallout fans might love this..

And for fans who can't wait for the Nov 10 2015 release, Bethesda announced a iOS Mobile game; Fallout Shelter, which is available now already.

Looks interesting.. Reminds me a bit of Sims..

Here's the Gameplay footage..

And yup.. that's all for the gaming news from Bethesda's Conference..

All attendees were also given a Limited Edition Vinyl Figure Set as a token of appreciation for their first ever E3 Showcase..

Pic Source: Yahoo
Cool stuff!

And of course, if you want to watch the entire Bethesda Press Conference, here it is..