Monday 1 June 2015

World Box - Scorpion 1/6 Figure Revealed

And finally the 3rd figure in this line is revealed..

Looking good, though I think the head is a bit too mohawkish.. 

Nice skull head accessory as well! A real pity they didn't add a Sub-Zero fatality head accessory as well. I'm sure that would have been a favourite among us collectors.

A cool line but they have been very slow with their releases. So far, it's been a 1pc/year release. Thought that this line could have been doing a lot better especially with the popularity of Mortal Kombat now..

This is stated for a 4th Quarter 2015 release, but we will probably only see it early next year.

If I remember correctly, the only other figure that was planned was a Jade. Looking forward to that and hopefully they continue making more. MK 9 had some really cool designs that they could work with. No idea if they have the license for MK X though..

Anyway.. I just realise I haven't gotten pics of my Sub-Zero and Kung Lao figures yet..