Thursday 10 September 2015

Collection Shelves: God of War & Prince of Persia (Part 4)

Part 4 of my Collection Shelves brings on the Greek vs Persians war..

God of War

God of War has been of the best hack-and-slash action adventure games I have ever played. Kratos has and will always be the epitome of badassery, having single-handedly taking down all the Greek Gods.

Here's my small collection of Kratos figures, together with the God of War 3 CE's Panthora Box Replica.

Figures are mostly for NECA, except for that one from DC Direct as well as the mini-statue from God of War Ascension's CE.

I'm looking to expand the collection especially with the statues from Gaming Heads but not a priority at the moment. I love the game but God of War 3 left me with a bit of fatigue in terms of the plot. So much so that I have yet to play God of War Ascension.

Still hoping for that God of War 4 announcement to re-ignite that excitement for this franchise.

Prince of Persia

What can I say? Prince of Persia.. a series that I have thoroughly enjoyed and something close to my heart. Was introduced to the PoP: Sands of Time by my dad who was convinced by a game store-owner and it was just one amazing game.

The Persian setting, Stuart Chatwood's soundtrack, Disney-style romance and the game's first ending had me so fascinated with the game. It was a game that made me so disappointed, when it was all over. I have re-played that game several times over the years and it has never bored me.

The next 2 games in the original trilogy missed out on that romance, but were still great games to remember. 2008's "reboot" however brought back everything that made the original game so memorable. The art style was different but breathtakingly beautiful. Just so gutted that they never made a sequel to that game.

Definitely my biggest gaming disappointments and I would do almost anything to see the franchise rebooted. Ubisoft keeps saying that the Prince of Persia franchise has not been forgotten but there hasn't been any news about it.

I do have a few art pieces from that game which aren't on display yet, so you won't see those in the shelves below. In fact, I don't think I have ever shown some of it on my blog ever. My little secret 'project' that I'm working on.. so will only show it when it's all ready.

For now.. these are what I have,,

Ahh... mostly movie figures. The games came out when gaming figures weren't that popular yet so barely anything from the games except for that lone Warrior Within figure.

I actually thought the movie was really good. It wasn't amazing but it did capture a lot of the elements from the games (and a bit of Assassin's Creed thrown in). In fact, I thought it was one of the better Video game adaptations.

Jake Gyllenhaal played the role of the Prince well, where he had the charm of the Prince from the games. Gemma Arterton is a good actress but I felt she wasn't appropriate for the role of the Princess, who was supposed to be Farah from the game. The movie's ending was also a nice homage to the original game's ending.

Another of my disappointments is that they never made a sequel to this movie too. My biggest wish that Ubisoft will come with a reboot sometime soon and for it to be successful enough for more games & movies. Give it 1 more chance guys.. just 1 more..