Sunday 13 September 2015

STGCC 2015: Day One Part 1

It's STGCC 2015 (Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention) time! Singapore's largest pop culture convention! 

The convention is huge with Marvel, Star Wars & tons of other stuff but I'll just talk about the gaming stuff that I'm so very interested in..

Mortal Kombat Klassic figures from Storm Collectibles 

We saw these before in July this year and they were on display at STGCC 2015 once again..

Does't seem to have changed from July.. There seems to be plenty of articulation on these figures so it will be great to pose them in lots of action poses.. Scorpion's coming out in December 2015 I heard, with the rest following shortly after.

1/6 Street Fighter from Kinetiquettes

Seen this plenty of times and I have to say I would be all over these if I was a Street Fighter fan. Really amazing stuff by the sculptors.

1/6 Ken

and future projects?

And a license that isn't actually a gaming one but I was introduced to the Top Cow universe via The Darkness games. 

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the characters but I have read quite a bit of the comics and it's pretty interesting. A rather small universe with a dozen or so characters whom are linked together. 

Here's some pics from the local Statue Giants, XM Studios!

The 1/4 Scale Witchblade Statue

Some previews including The Darkness!

I have always been a completionist that goes for all the statues in a 'line' but I might skip the rest and just pick up The Darkness. Will have to go back to the comics to see how much I like the other characters.

Was hoping to see Witchblade all painted and ready but it's kinda weird that they are taking in preorders already for her, even when she isn't fully ready.

Last but not least.. my only pickup of the day..

A print of Evolve's Kraken! By the very cool artist, Rachta Lin! All I had to do was give her page a like and I could pick a print for free!

Too bad, she didn't have the other Evolve's monsters.. Maybe next time eh?

Kinda broke at the moment, so didn't get anything else. Thankfully, I didn't see anything that was a must-have..

That's almost all from Day 1 but Part 2 will focus on some HMO's collectibles, having had a chance to chat with some of the peeps there.