Wednesday 23 September 2015

Finally.. Some updates for Payday players on the Consoles

Well.. after being forgotten, we Console players finally get some updates for Payday: Crimewave Edition.

On previous-gen consoles; PS3 and Xbox 360, apart from a few early DLC packs, none of the content that came to the PC appeared on the consoles. Basically, we gave up after a while.

Then, when Payday: Crimewave Edition was announced, Overkill Software promised us that the new consoles; PS4, XBox One will get all the content for PC players. 

It was promising at the start.. Crimewave Edition packed all the DLC from the start right up to the last DLC they released.. for free! And we were promised that future content on PC will also be appearing on consoles. 

They blamed technical issues for the inability to provide new content on the older console platforms and assured us that the new consoles don't have those technical limitations.

I was convinced.. So much so that even though common sense told me that PC would still be the better option, which I did buy on the Steam Sale, I also bought Payday for my PS4. 

Once again, I was fooled. There's been quite a number of new DLC packs for PC already since then, but no sign of those coming to the consoles. Kinda lost count already but I think there's 4 or 5 packs released after Crimewave Edition's release.

We kept getting, "Don't worry, it will come" answer but nothing up to now..

However, we have something now.. (Click image to expand)

Well.. there's still no concrete or even an estimated date on when we can expect the new content.. So, I dunno? Can we expect regular updates at least, for real this time? Let's see..