Monday 28 September 2015

Mobile Monday (28 Sep 2015): Mortal Kombat X Mobile

The latest challenge is almost over.. Kold War Sonya Blade, so hurry if you haven't gotten it.

Not long left but it should be a breeze.

You will need a Kano for this challenge. There's a nice Kano Gold card that you purchase with koins, if you don't have a Kano yet.

Already have mine..

That's a cool (Forgive the pun) special ability to have!

Oh yea.. it looks like the developers finally listened to us.. Once you complete the entire challenge, you, can re-do the challenge at a higher difficulty to earn a duplicate card to fuse.

The challenge gets tougher in the second round but still no huge feat. You can only re-do the challenge once though... Come on guys! Where's the challenge?! Let us earn more cards with tougher difficulty levels!

That's it for now.. the Erron Black challenge should be out in a few days once the Sonya's one is over.