Saturday 3 October 2015

Collection Shelves: The Rest of the Collection (Part 5)

And for the final part of my Collection Shelves.. The rest of the games..

Over the last few sections, I have showed you the bigger collections.. Now for the smaller collections..

These games vary in terms of how much I love the franchise. Some of these games I really enjoy but unfortunately there aren't too many collectibles out there for these games and other games I enjoyed not as much but just thought of having a figure or two, for memories.

In no particular order, let's see the pics..

Army of Two

Not the greatest of games but I enjoyed the co-op play of this and of course the masks!

Tyson Rios' mask on the left of the first pic is the mask you see in my profile. My favourite of them all, obviously. They were fun games but received only average reviews so I seriously doubt we will see another Army of Two game.

(Oh yea.. ignore that Statue of Happiness that made a cameo.. Anyone knows what game is it from?)


Have to admit, I have only played inFamous 1 so far. Great game, loved the story build-up. Some colourful characters and an interesting backstory. I actually felt that Sony and Sucker Punch could actually do better to develop this franchise into sort of a Super Hero-type of universe.

There's some work going on behind-the-scenes for more inFamous statues, by the same company that did the larger Delsin Rowe statue, so I'm looking forward to those.


Apart from the Rockstar Games and the Assassin's Creed series as a whole, the games from the Borderlands series are what I have spent the most gaming time on. 

Not a lot in terms of plot, but the addictive co-op gameplay and the loot keeps me coming back for more. 

For a franchise that I have enjoyed so much, I only have these Claptrap figures from NECA. Still missing 1 more variant (The Gentleman Claptrap) though. Was very disappointed when the Vault Hunter figures they previewed, didn't take off.


Blogged about this game quite a bit.. Absolutely loved the lore of this series. Very fantasy-like but I really enjoyed it. With the collapse of THQ, this franchise's future was almost done for. There's a glimmer of hope now in Nordic Games' hands but there's plenty of work to be done, before we even see Darksiders 3.

Got this Darksiders 2 mask from the CE, signed by Joe Mad. I also own some War figures but one of it needs a bit of repair after I accidentally broke a piece..


First real game I owned.. back on the PC. Had so many fun hours, dungeon-crawling and loot-hunting with these games. Played quite a bit of Diablo 3 also but it's been a while since I touched it.

I think I need more figures to go with these NECA ones and the skull from the D3 Collector's Edition.

Max Payne

Missed out on the first 2 games but I enjoyed the latest one. Great story-telling and interesting game-play mechanics. Had lots of fun on the Online Multiplayer as well.

Just this one figure of a character who had so much depth over the span of 3 games. One of my biggest wishes is to see Rockstar Games' characters given the 1/6 scale treatment. Max Payne, John Marston from Red Dead Redemption, Jimmy Hopkins from Bully and the numerous GTA characters would have been a perfect addition to my display and also considering how much time I have spent on these games, they would have been my favourite pieces. 

The Rest

Except fot Twisted Metal, all these are from games that I have yet to play. In other words.. my BACKLOG.. most gamers has this. The games that you have and know that you will enjoy but just don't have the time to play it.

However, based on trailers and previous experiences, I'm confident that I'll like these games and so I have already bought Collector's Editions and other figures based on these characters... and for some reason, I don't enjoy the games, I'll have to sell these then

Coming to the end..

Nope, never played Little Big Planet but as a Playstation gamer, I got these as a collection of Playstation's greatest heroes.. Actually I might consider selling these, so if anyone's interested. drop me a mail.

Well that's all I have on display. There's still plenty more that I don't have enough space for, so will update in the future when I get more shelves..

Last but not least..

I part with a little tease on how much more stuff are still in boxes and what franchises I have yet to put on display.. (Oh man.. the bane of collecting.. Space!!)