Saturday 10 October 2015

UbiCollectibles' Jacob and Evie Statue Diorama Collection pics!

Oh cool, managed to get these early! The Assassin's Creed Syndicate UbiCollectibles' Jacob & Evie Diorama!

Some pics of the box..

Closer look at the Lithos included in the boxes..

Yes, made by our beloved Pure Arts as always!

The boxes can be combined to form a picture..

Let's look at Jacob first.

The Litho of Jacob..

This was a surprise that was announced just 2 days ago so a real treat for all those that have already pre-ordered this.

Let's get on to the statue. It requires some basic assembly.


The Cane Sword is removable..

but no reason to.. He just looks weird without it.

Bro Fist anyone?

On to the details..

There's some improvement to the face details as compared to previous AC statues in the UbiCollectibles line but I'll leave you to make final judgement.

Nice detail with the mud splatter and the Streets of London giving it a more gritty feel.

Just a word of caution, the lamp is a bit flimsy so be careful not to hold it when slotting in the street lamp.

Love it! Litho is a nice touch as well.

And now for the lady.. Evie Frye.

Her Litho..

Looks great as well!

I was a little concerned when I heard that the Lithos will be inside the box itself. Some of the boxes I purchased before weren't in the best of condition and the backdrops included were a little creased. So I wasn't sure how they would hold up.. But thankfully.. these are in the best of condition and hopefully everyone else's turn out perfect as well.

On to the Statue..

This one requires no assembly.

Let's take a closer look..

Hmm. a little too barbie-doll looking. Could have been a bit better I feel.

But the details on the costume are very well-done.

Weapon details..

Some pics of the 'Streets' base

Dead rat! Or maybe just drunk..
Is that a choker? Oh wow..

Apart from the face detail, this is just as good as Jacob, without a doubt. 

Now let's fix up the diorama..

Once you slot it in.. It fits tightly..

You can turn 1 side of it and the whole thing stays together..

and.. Voila!

UbiCollectibles have been doing the Diorama pieces for the games recently and of the 3 dioramas, I personally feel this is the best. No, no it's not case of Everyone says the latest one is the best. Let me explain why..

All 3 dioramas make great scenes but with the AC IV and AC Unity ones, I felt that the dioramas end up putting 1 statue in the limelight over the other. There was no perfect pose that showed both figures clearly. Either one is blocked or just not facing forward.

However, with this one.. both Jacob and Evie are in their best positions.. facing forward.

Of course, with both of them being the main protagonists, it's a must to get both and display them together. 

And the overall scene looks awesome!

Don't you agree?

Ok.. now some of you will be asking how I got these so early? Firstly I can't say but Honestly, I don't know the details either. 

The deal was quite a blur.. It wasn't as dramatic as someone in a hood among the crowd slipping these in my hands but it was just as mysterious.

Anyway, I would like to thank the person for offering these to me. I truly appreciate the gesture. I had to pull a few strings to get the cash fast, but looking at it, I have no regrets. A truly beautiful diorama!

That's 1 (2) down for the AC Syndicate collection, many more to go!