Sunday 18 October 2015

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Asia Exclusive Limited Edition Collection Pics

Some pics of my Asia Exclusive Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Limited Edition...

The Asia Exclusive Edition comes with the Cloth Poster which isn't available in any other territories.

Here's the box..

Steelbook with Game Disc inside.

The Steelbook comes sealed in shrinkwrap which is always a plus!

Mini Artbook which comprises of artwork from all 3 games.

Some vouchers..

Instructions to access Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta when it releases, The Nathan Drake DLC Pack and the DLC code for the Nathan Drake Collection PS4 theme (also av

Cloth Poster

I didn't measure it but the description states that it is 96cm x 54cm. Pretty big and I think it will go great as a backdrop for any Uncharted collection.

Wish more companies would include some form of Cloth Posters in the future, so much more durable than the regular Posters which can get damaged so easily and takes up too much space. 

The Cloth ones can be folded away nicely if you don't have anywhere to display it and you iron it out to remove creases in the future.

There were also some pre-order bonuses for those in Singapore. It turned out to be a huge mess for me. With PlayStation Asia changing their requirements for the PreOrders midway and then my store failing to update me about this. It was a huge mess and I ended up not receiving the Journal.

So I ended up having to pay quite a bit to buy The Journal off someone..

I did get the Bottle however..

Nicely designed. Might use these next time I go out on an expedition..

I have a couple of these bottles, so if anyone wants these, you drop me a mail at I can ship worldwide no problem.

Altogether now!

All-in-all a nice Edition. A simple one with just a Steelbook and Artbook with some stickers in other countries but Asia gets a Cloth Poster instead of the stickers. Definitely better! One of the rare times Asia gets a better Special Edition than the rest of the world!