Thursday 22 October 2015

PCS Collectibles' 1/4 MK9 SubZero Collection pics

Another treat by Simply Toys! Got these MK9 SubZero Mortal Kombat Statues early when everyone else are still waiting.

The Standard and EX versions of the MK9 SubZero Statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles!

However, for some reason, the EX version doesn't state so on the box art. But, you can the Edition Sizes are different for each one..

193 and 197! Oh man.. So close, yet so far!

Better look at the box art.

Apart from the Edition Size shown above, there's no indication of the Exclusive version, even in the images.

COAs match the box numbers & signed by Jerry himself.

Limited Edition gloves are included as well..

Very well-packed..

Let me show you some pics of the Standard version..

Some popsicles..

I was hoping for a more translucent icy-looking base but I guess this works..  They went for the snow look instead.

Just bloody amazing! So much detail. The outfit looks great and you can see there is texture given to the 'cloth' areas. You can also the pigmentation on the skin. There's not a lot to work on under the mask but the area around the eyes are very realistically done.

Again, we see the hands and sword done in a more whitish effect but the Klassic SubZero Statue from PCS Collectibles as well had a translucent look to it. But you got to admit, it's hard to please everyone with this kind of decisions. Not a deal-breaker for me anyway. I still love it!

The Statue did come with a Alternate Portrait which I don't remember being part of the package. I always thought there was only 1 head included for this.. But it's been a long time since pre-order so yea..

Here's the 'white-eyes' portrait.

Always thought he looked so much more sinister with his white eyes.

Now for the EX version..

More popsicles..

No difference in the base figure with the EX version. Both versions came with 2 COHs. The EX version also had the Ice Sword weapon and hands but the bonus was the Ice Ball attack pose.

With clever use of pose, PCS managed to give us an alternate attack with the EX version, the Ice Blast by just switching out the hands.

Yea real clever! I ended up getting both just because of this. Even my wife asked me why I needed two when they are literally the same statue.. She won't understand...

Anyway, yup, Ice Blast looks just as good and here we get a more translucent look to it. Very pleased with that. Thankfully, they didn't go with the solid white or it would have looked like SubZero was throwing a snowball.. :P

I decided to go with the Whitish eyes for the Ice Blast and Normal eyes for the Ice Sword. Just a feeling that SubZero uses up more energy to conjure up a Ice Blast that his eyes go white..

Here's some pics of them both together..

If ever  Sorcerers like Quan Chi or Shang Tsung created a clone of SubZero.. 

When Bi-Han & Kuai Liang fought side-by-side..

Really amazing! Another fantastic piece from PCS Collectibles