Sunday 31 August 2014

PCS Mortal Kombat Klassic Sub Zero 1/4 Statue

So, you have seen Scorpion? Now for Sub Zero!

Another low number on the EX version!

Lovely Box Art as well..
The arms..
So many of them! Are you sure this isn't the Goro statue?

2 set of Normal arms..
This is one is similar to the Scorpion's pose in the Standard version.

Below are the only set of arms that you get from the Sub Zero Standard version..
Those are the 'recommended' poses for the Statue but of course you can mix them around for some fun like this..
The EX version doesn't have any alternate portrait unfortunately. Kinda disappointing, considering that a very early render showed an unmasked Sub Zero.

Still.. the EX version doesn't totally disappoint.. They included ice-arms!

Very cool icy effect.. here's a close-up..
A very tricky decision, which could have turned out making it look toy-ish but I think PCS managed to pull it off with fantastic results.

Just love it!

Will try to get Smoke's pics up asap. Just got the update that Reptile was shipped out yesterday and should be here by this Friday.