Wednesday 27 August 2014

PCS Mortal Kombat Klassic Scorpion 1/4 Statue

The first of the 4 Ninjas from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' Klassic line is here!

It's been a super long wait for this. Pre-ordered back in Nov 2012 and just got it in August 2014. Might have set a new record for the longest wait.

My expectations rised for this as the wait grew longer but as the wait kept dragging on, it started to fall. I don't think they actually took more time to work on it but rather just delaying production and mass-produce all 4 ninjas at the same time. Which meant having to rush through a lot more pieces.

Anyway, it's finally here and I was excited and concerned about how my piece would turn out.

Some pics of the box art..
Oh and did you see that?! Number 3!

#003 of 200 is awesome! I got the Sideshow Exclusive which was limited to just 200 pieces. The brown shipper does show 225 but apparently that's the Batch size while the COA shows the Edition size.

Opening it up..
All the pieces..
The Base..
The Base was a little dusty. Someone on the forums was saying they noticed it too, as if it was sitting on a warehouse shelf for some time. Even their statue was dusty apparently.. thankfully, mine didn't have the same problem.

And Behold.. I bring you Scorpion!
This is the masked head that comes with the Standard Version and the 'Reptile Arms' that is exclusive to the EX version.

Closer look..
Love the detail of the muscles and veins!

And the eyes..

The cloudy eye look is just perfect. Gives Scorpion that extra sense of realism.

Changing back to the hands that the Standard version would have..
Just lovely..

Of course, The EX version isn't all about alternate hands. It comes with a pair of Alternate Portraits(or Heads)

Check out the un-masked Skull Head..
This is a very awesome option and the cool thing about this was that it wasn't even supposed to be there. When the pre-order went up, there were only 2 portraits but somewhere along the way, long after it was sold out, PCS decided to add this into the mix. Very very cool of Jerry and PCS to throw this in!

Stunning and creepy, but that isn't my favourite head. I will be going for this one for my display..
Swapping with the "Reptile hands"
For me, this is the head that sold it. When the pre-order went up, it sold fast. Within 3-4 hours, it was down to the last 20 pieces. I immediately knew it was a 'now-or-never' decision. I looked through all the pics again and there was something about this particular head that hooked me.

Staring deep into those eye sockets, I felt that I was about to sell my soul to the devil himself. Getting this would mean hundreds of dollars being thrown into this line but how could I say no?

I finally gave in and did the pre-order. I knew then and there that the Klassic Scorpion would become one of my most iconic pieces in the collection. Looking at it now, I have no regrets whatsoever.

The masked skull head is my favourite because of how it's a combination of the Skull and the Masked Heads. It's like a reminder of how Scorpion is actually a Spectre under that Ninja outfit.

I'll update the blog soon with the other Ninjas. SubZero and Smoke are here already, still waiting for Reptile.