Tuesday 5 August 2014

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Trailer leaked

In what looks like a leak of the Assassin's Creed: Rogue Trailer, we get a first look at some Assassins.. or Templars?

Let's take a look at the trailer first, which was uploaded first by Access the Animus and then re-uploaded by Major Assassin's Creed Fans.

We, first see someone dressed like an Assassin walking towards the camera. Then, we see the sword. The Templar Emblem at the edge of the handle is significant here. Here's a screengrab from Access the Animus again.

So, it looks like the character is a Templar dressed as an Assassin..

He walks towards a wounded Assassin, as he drops his sword and reaches out for his gun and as the screen blacks out, you hear a gun-shot.

Question 1: Who is the character dressed like an Assassin but quite possibly is a Templar?

Question 2: Who is the Assassin that was about to be killed?

Question 3: What was the reason behind dropping the sword and using a gun? Merely a weapon of choice or was he dropping the sword, with the Templar Emblem, for a reason?

The Naval theme is clearly back again so could this be a continuation of AC IV? If it is, will Haytham play a huge part in this game?

Ubisoft has mentioned several times about the Kenway Family Trio. Connor and Edward Kenway have had their games. Is it time for Haytham to come into the limelight? So, as suspected.. will AC: Rogue be a Templar game? Or at least an Assassin-turned-Templar game?

If you remember, in AC3, it was mentioned that Haytham Kenway was an Assassin who switched sides and became a Templar? Will this game show the events leading up to this? 

The reveal of Haytham to be a Templar was the biggest 'WTF!' moment in the Assassin's Creed series. Up till then, a lot of gamers were enjoying Haytham as a playable character. So, isn't a obvious choice for Ubisoft's first Templar game to feature our favourite Templar?

I was mentioning in a previous post that the Templar game could show us the Templar's point of view, which could very well be reasonable. So, you will need a likeable Templar character to convince long time Assassin fans. Haytham Kenway will be a very good choice.

And lastly.. could the title AC: Rogue refer to the Assassin that went rogue...?