Thursday 7 August 2014

AC Unity is everywhere and what I love about the Assassin's Creed series

The Assassin's Creed series is 1 of my favourite video-game series of all time.. (What? You didn't know?)

I have been a fan since the very first game. Yes, I felt the missions were repetitive in AC1 but it was still fun. A totally new experience with the wall-climbing, rooftop-running, assassinations and everything.

Then, there was the modern-day Desmond story that was tying the future Ezio Trilogy games together.

As the series got more and more popular, so did the merchandising. The CEs, figures and even pre-order bonuses were getting better with each passing year. Granted, I poke fun at the sheer number of items that turn up every year, but I have truly enjoyed collecting Assassin's Creed stuff. I do look forward to each new statue and collectible that turns up, with every AC release.

The coolness of the Assassins and the exploration of different historical periods also added to the reasons why I enjoy Assassin's Creed.

Taking all that into consideration, here comes the really awesome part.. The way Ubisoft has connected a lot of these Assassins' storylines together has been really wonderful. Those who have been following the AC series would have noticed the small details that have connected the different Assassins.

With AC Unity and AC Rogue coming out later this year, a lot more stories are ready to be old. This morning, I saw the news that Connor's mentor, Achilles Davenport will be appearing in the AC Rogue game, which could very well mean that Achilles Davenport and his brotherhood of Assassins would be Shay's adversaries. Based on what we see in AC3, Shay could have brought the downfall of the Assassins in Colonial America.

Ubisoft have also said that AC Rogue will fall between the AC IV and AC3 timelines and will connect these together. So the Kenway trio, Edward, Haytham and Connor could all make an appearance in AC Rogue. Talking to a few friends of mine, we came up with a couple of theories. Could Shay have been the mastermind behind Edward's killing as mentioned in the AC 3 novel? Could Shay have been an ally to Haytham Kenway when they were Templars?

Then, there's also talk about AC Rogue having links to AC Unity.. with someone online even mentioning that Shay could be Elise's father.

This year has been really exciting regarding the Assassins' story. I'm super excited for the release of both games and it's going to be a really good year for AC fans.

Besides AC Unity is all around us..

I was at work when I happened to see this.. Must be a sign..