Monday 18 August 2014

Trailer and Gamplay Footage of The Order: 1886 from Gamescom 2014

New trailer from Gamescom 2014 introducing the Tesla.

I like the theme of this trailer which sums up every good scientist's internal conflict, where technology is created to better our lives but if used wrongly, can actually be a negative thing.

Enough of the early morning philosophy, let's check out IGN's gameplay footage.

I'm trying to enjoy this game but after watching that, I'm kinda bored. The game looks boring to be honest. The characters don't seem to be likeable either. There has been hardly any character development in the gameplay.

I also noticed that the AI characters don't move away when you bump into them, so you just got to move around them. I felt that in this day and age, we should be having more intelligent AI allies. Hopefully, the developers will pick up on that and make some changes before the game is out.

I love the neo-Victorian London setting though and their take on the Werewolves or Half-Breeds.. Still have great hopes for this game and hopefully it delivers, on Feb 20 2015.