Tuesday 12 August 2014

The 8th MKX Kombatant - Kano!

So the trailers are dropping fast in view of this week's Gamescom 2014..

Before I show you Kano's trailer, check out Raiden's Official Trailer from a few days back..

Wait.. if this the Official Trailer, what was this?

Anyway, in the intro.. you hear Ed Boon saying that Kotal Kahn is the current Emperor of Outworld. Still no confirmation if he's related to Shao Kahn in any way. Maybe 'Kahn' is just a title given to Emperors out Outworld and their names were actually Shao and Kotal before that. Just a thought...

Back to Kano, he has been confirmed as the next playable character. Check him out!

@00:19 "Here to debut a Mortal Kombat X fighter we know fans have been keeping an eye out for".

Haha, I see what you did there Mr. Ed Boon.. Very nice..

Kano looks to be the most diverse with his 3 variations. His X-Ray move looks sick as well and the fatality isn't fully revealed but he is doing an eye blast through the victim's head.

A lot of "baddies" revealed already. Hope to see some "good guys" revealed soon. Only Raiden and Cassie Cage fighting for EarthRealm now. Not sure on which side are Scorpion and SubZero, they always seem to have their own agenda. 

I wonder what he will say to Cassie Cage..