Tuesday 13 June 2017

Assassin's Creed Origins Collector's Editions details

And.. we have it! With the announcement of Assassin's Creed Origins at E3, Ubisoft wasted no time pleasing us collectors with the Collector's Editions.

There's several of them so let's start at the very top..

Dawn of the Creed: Legendary Edition

- 73 cm (28 inch) Resin Statue of Bayek & Senu (Limited to 999 pcs)
- Certificate of Authenticity 
- 4 Exclusive Lithos
- Bayek's Resin Amulet
- Exclusive Steelbook
- World Map
- Game Soundtrack
- Artbook
- Artcards
- Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Edition (more details below)

This is at 699GBP/799EUR/USD799, depending where you are from. Ubistore Exclusive means no luck for International collectors to buy directly as they have region-blocked their sites. Even if you manage to get it with proxies, they don't ship internationally. 

A real pain to get one, but if you do.. this is one amazing Collector's Edition!

This is a resin statue and at 28 inches, it's a lot bigger than your regular UbiCollectibles figure. I love the AC art so 4 Lithos just makes me go bonkers! Plus a resin Amulet that Bayek wears in the game.

Also included are the usual stuff; Artbook, Steelbook, Artcards Soundtrack and comes with the Gold Edition of the game.

Do note that this Edition ships in 2 parts so you can start your AC Origins collection right now!

No pyramid though..

Dawn of the Creed Edition

- 37cm (14.5 inches) PVC Statue of Bayek & Senu.
- Bayek's Eagle Amulet (Resin/PVC?)
- World Map
- Game Soundtrack
- Artbook
- Artcards
Assassin's Creed Origins Steelbook Gold Edition (more details below)

With that super expensive and limited CE above, not everyone will be able to get that. Thankfully, that statue will also be available in a more affordable Edition. This smaller Bayek figurine is in the same scale with all our previous Collectible figures from the AC games.

So, it's good to know that we will still be able to continue this particular statue collection!

Not too sure about the Eagle Amulet... same resin material as the Legendary Edition or a PVC version of it? A lot of the other goodies are included as well but most notably.. no Lithos. 

This includes the Steelbook Gold Edition

Gods Edition

- 26cm (10.2 inches) PVC Statue of Bayek on Sekhmet Goddess Statue
- Exclusive Steelbook
- World Map
- Game Soundtrack
- Artbook
- Assassin's Creed Origins Deluxe Edition (more details below)

Unlike some of the recent AC games, the 'other' CE doesn't come with a simpler, alternate base  of the same statue from the 'bigger' CE. This one is a totally different statue so I'm happy to see it. It's always nicer to have a different pose in the other CE.. and it makes me want both, even more! 

Comes with a Exclusive Steelbook, different from the other editions, so that's one to look out for.

World Map, Soundtrack, Artbook are there but this only comes with the Deluxe Editon of the game, so no Season Pass included.

Gold Steelbook Edition

If you don't like all the fancy stuff that comes with the other editions, but you want all the content that comes with the game, this one is for you. It also comes with a Steelbook.

This edition is also included in some of the above CEs.

Also available in digital format..

Digital Deluxe Edition

No Season Pass here but this includes the Digital Deluxe Pack.

Preorder Bonus Mission

All Editions come with the Pre-order bonus mission, Secrets of the First Pyramids. The code might actually come in a form of a voucher in all first print copies and should also be available in the Season Pass.

Well.. that's it for now.. Some really expensive ones for the hardcore collectors but also caters for different types of gamers. If all that was too much to handle, here are some charts which might put things into better perspective.

This chart is for all the CE Merch..

and this one is for the Digital Content..

So, which one are you getting? Tell me in the comments below!