Tuesday 6 June 2017

E3 2017: Rumours, Predictions & Hopes!

Yesterday, I talked about the games that I'm looking forward to at E3. Those were the previously announced titles and most probably will be at next week's gaming event.

However, there should be some announcements in the coming days or if they manage to prevent any leaks, we can expect some surprises during the Press Conferences. These are the ones that make or break a E3 event for me. 

So, below is a list of games that I'm predicting or hoping that will be announced at E3..

Not a great record of correct predictions based on last year.. but hey, it's just for fun right?

Bloodborne II

Based on the first game's success, a sequel should definitely be in the works.. but will we see an announcement this year? 

From fake logos to claims that From Software is not working on a Bloodborne title, we have seen them trying to play down hopes of a sequel coming soon. Let's wait and see..

Payday 3

Payday 2 (on PS4) is a game that I haven't played enough of, especially with the new content that was just released today. 

Fukin' love everything about this game and I'm still having fun with it. It would definitely be a lot more fun with friends, but for now I'm just enjoying it with randoms.

In a way, I'm hoping Payday 3 won't be announced yet, but if it is.. I'll be looking forward to it. Hopefully, with some friends this time!

Borderlands 3

Yet another co-op game that I love to bits, but once again the co-op element is lacking without friends. This has been confirmed to be in development but whether it's ready to be announced is another thing.

Rocksteady Studios (New Game)

These guys are definitely working on something.. but what? 

They are done with the fantastic Batman Arkham series, so will they be continuing with the Super-Hero genre? Lots of rumours point towards a SuperMan game..

I have also heard of TMNT being linked to Rocksteady Studios, which.. Will be so perfect and something that would make me shout out in joy. I can't wait to see a good TMNT game and this pairing would be so ideal.

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Remastered

This one is more of a hope, rather than a prediction. Many fans have been asking for a remastered trilogy for current-gen consoles but there has been no hint or rumour that it is being worked on.

After a long time, the hack-n-slash genre is something I feel like I need more of. Thankfully, there's plenty of other games if this one does not turn up.

PlayStation VR

Another 'hope'.. Everything that I feared about PlayStation VR was true.. I still don't see any must-buy games that makes me want to go out there and get a PlayStation VR

All I see is glorified tech demos rather than an actual VR games that makes me want to own one. Didn't want it to become another PS Vita and I'm glad I skipped it.  

That said.. it's a cool piece of technology and I hope to see something at E3 that gets me excited.

Though.. Starbreeze Studios' StarVR seems a lot more exciting with games being developed specifically for that. 

That's about all.. Still waiting for that Prince of Persia reboot! Maybe some new IP will catch my interest or new footage of some games that went under my radar will get me excited. Last year's E3 was splendid and I'm looking forward to this once again. 

Let's see what E3 2017 brings and of course, do share in the comments below on what you are hoping to see, and maybe even some predictions!