Friday 2 June 2017

PlayAsia's Daily & Weekly Deals! Devil May Cry 4, Nier Automata, Dead Island & more!

What's a good way to start the June Holidays? 

By having great gaming deals of course! Play-Asia has some great deals on their daily & weekly deals. Check them out!

The Dead Island: Definitive Edition is going for USD$19.99 (~SGD$28,15). Man, I have been wanting to play this game for the longest time. Anyone want to join me? It will be a fun co-op game!

The Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Uncharted 4 are also quite a good deal at USD$19.99 (~SGD$28,15) and USD$29.99 (~SGD$42.25) respectively. If you haven't tried the Uncharted games, this will be a nice time to do it, considering the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be coming out later this year. 

I only got into the Uncharted series with the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collecton, which was a remaster of the trilogy and wow.. Those games were good! A definite must-play for all PlayStation owners!

Batman: Arkham Knight is also on a nice discount at only US$17.99 (~SGD$25.35)!

Today's Daily Deal which ends in several hours is the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

The Asia region is the only ones who got this in a Physical Disc version so if you prefer having an actual physical disc and case, grab this before it's gone!

And a personal message from me to you.. 

If you intend to purchase any of these games, I would greatly appreciate if you could use the affiliate links I have provided. I don't ask for donations from anyone (Why the hell would anyone do that?!) but if you use the Affiliate Links..

Play-Asia will pay me a very small commission which will be a great help in off-setting some of the costs of running this blog. I thank you from the bottom of the heart! 

Cheers and have fun! Don't forget to let me know if you want to get in some co-op action in Dead Island!