Monday 5 June 2017

E3 2017: Looking forward to these games!

E3 2017 is just next week and it will be a fantastic gaming event to look forward to. Let's talk about the games we can expect (or hope) to see at the event!

Here's my list of games that I'm looking forward to seeing at E3 2017..

It isn't confirmed that these games will turn up at the event this year but with releases expected in this fiscal year, they most probably will..

Red Dead Redemption 2

With just a trailer and some screenshots released so far, I'm hoping we can get more info next week. Starting with.. " Who is the protagonist(s)?"

Crossing my fingers for any kind of info..

Days Gone

One of the new IPs that caught my interest at E3 last year. Looks like a mix of Sons of Anarchy and The Last of Us.
No release date yet for this, so might not be there yet.

The Last of Us: Part 2

Absolutely loved the first game, the sequel should be just as amazing. Again, no release date yet, so I can only hope.

Death Stranding

Another of the PlayStation exclusives that had my interest.. A Hideo Kojima game!

I'm not going to pretend like I know all about his games, because I have never even played a Metal Gear Solid game. However with hordes of gamers treating him like a god, I'm really curious to see what this game is all about. 

It does look interesting but at the same time.. very weird.. Definitely isn't going to be released anytime soon but will be nice to see some more info on this..

Far Cry 5

Just announced for E3, we should definitely see more info on this. The backlog of Far Cry games alone is starting to build up. Hopefully, E3 will finally push me to get started on it.

Assassin's Creed (New Game)

Ubisoft revealed that along with a new Far Cry game, there will be a new Assassin's Creed game. Sadly.. with the way Ubisoft makes their announcements, it has become more of expectations rather than excitement.

Taking a year off from their yearly releases, it looks like Ubisoft will be building this from the ground up, I can only hope the changes made will be for the better. I'll always be looking forward to a new AC game but the levels of excitement just isn't the same as compared to other games. Lets see if this changes after next week.

Whether the trailer and game-play does it for me, the flurry of collectibles that come with each new release definitely hypes it up for me. Though I was expecting to see the trailer by now.


It has been a long time since I have any interest in a super-hero game (apart from the Batman Arkham titles) but this new Spider-Man game, that is exclusive to the PS4, is hyping it up for me. More info at E3 please!

Middlearth: Shadow of War

The first game is another one of my backlog games but it looks good from what I have seen. This might not be a day 1 purchase for me but definitely looking to see more details at E3.

God of War

Oh yea! Can't wait to see more of this. Plenty of rumours going around that this will see a 2018 release so hoping to see a confirmed date. There also was a leaked listing about a God of War Collector's Edition so we might see an official announcement for that as well.

Funny how, that after God of War 3, I suffered from franchise fatigue and was not excited at all for more Kratos. God of War: Ascension is also untouched till now but after last year's surprise announcement, I'm more excited than I have ever been for a new God of War game.  Thanks to the new setting and the introduction of a son, it has given God of War a fresh look.

That's about all the games I'm looking forward to for this E3. Don't think I have missed any. Some games like Darksiders 3 will not be at E3 but we might still get some info. 

Of course, unlike Ubisoft, there might be some surprise announcements at the various Press Conferences. These are the announcements that I'll be looking forward to and the reason why I stay up late every year. 

I'll make another post tomorrow about the rumours and predictions of un-announced games that might just pop up at E3 this year. 

So, which of the above games are you looking forward to? Did I miss any? Post in the comments below!