Monday 27 August 2012

Darksiders 1 Game Download Giveaway

You guys played Darksiders 2 yet? Still on the fence about this game? Thinking of trying the first Darksiders before deciding?

Well, I managed to get a free code for a copy of Darksiders 1 game download on PC. Since I already have the game on PS3, I thought about giving this code away. So why not have a mini-contest and the winner gets the code.

You will need to sign-up (Free!) for an account on Gamestop PC Downloads to download the game, if you win. As far as I know, anyone can sign-up and download the game even though Gamestop is based in U.S. So hopefully there will be no problems.

Ok How to Win?!
1. You will need a Facebook account
2. Share this post on Facebook. There is a link on the bottom of this post. (Only Facebook shares count).
3. Leave a comment in the box below to say that you have entered.

I will pick a random winner on Sep 1, Saturday, 10am (+8 GMT). 
Anyone is free to join!
Simple enough I guess? This is my first time contest holding a giveaway on my blog so hopefully everything goes well, Good Luck to all!

Edit: Contest over! Congrats to Dinesh Ganapathy!