Friday 7 September 2012

Prince of Persia Movie Replicas

Didn't have anything new to post and no new purchases for quite a while so decided to post some pics of my Prince of Persia Dagger and Sword movie replicas.

The Dagger of Time

Black Shamsir of Dastan

I actually got these much earlier this year and was one of the missing items in My Collection slideshow.  I had packed them packed back into their boxes as I didn't have any space to display them. Still waiting for my own place where I'l have my own man cave all to myself. So they have been hiding in their boxes and I was too lazy to take them out when I was taking photos of my entire collection. But then recently, someone on a forum wanted to see pics of these so I got my lazy ass up and took them out.

Anyway here they are and seeing them in person after a long time, I forgot how good they look. These aren't cheap plastic toy replicas, they are made of real metal from United Cutlery.While they aren't designed to do fatal damage, kids shouldn't be playing around with them. 

The dagger is about 15 inches long and the sword is over 30 inches long. Both are designed to replicate the actual Prince of Persia Sands of Time movie props. The detail is awesome, from the tip right up to the handle.They even feel like the real thing and are pretty heavy.

The Dagger of Time pics

Black Shamsir of Dastan pics

Size Comparison

They are back in their boxes for now. Can't wait to display them up on the wall!